The EXPAND program is about challenging yourself to increase your modelling fitness and EXPAND-ing the number of opportunities that you provide for your child/person to learn.

We think it’s helpful for you to track your progress and celebrate success, and so we’ve provided you with a self assessment survey to complete before and after the program.  

The survey has quite a few questions but it is designed to focus your thinking about how you and your child/person interact before starting the program. 

There is also a quick self reflection survey at the start of each new module. 

This information is for your own use. If you’d like to keep track of your progress, please print your answers as they show on the screen after completing the survey. It will not  be available to download after the program, so you will need to save it as you go. 

By participating in EXPAND, you agree to your de-indentied survey data to be collected for overall program review purposes. Any personal information is removed and scores are only collated for aggregate data. 

In order for these surveys to be of benefit to you, please answer the questions honestly. Base your answers  on what you usually do, rather than what you think you should do.

Your starting point and the progress you and your child/person make is a personal thing, not a competition with anyone else. This program is designed to help you make the changes needed for longer term gains

Changing and maintaining habits is the key to success in this program.

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