Story Time with AAC

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About this course:

This program is an interactive, online 30 minute story time session, run by a speech pathologist with communication modelling throughout the session for younger people who use AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

These sessions promote the following:

  • All participants can greet the group and share their thoughts and ideas throughout the session, if they wish 
  • See other children, just like them, using communication books and devices. 
  • Parents/guardians get to practice modelling with their child and connect with other families

We don’t expect children to sit quietly and attend throughout! As children attend more sessions their levels of engagement and confidence to have a turn increases.

Different sessions for different AAC systems:

  • The speech pathologist will be using a specific communication system at each session 
  • These are shown in the times below. 
  • Book in for the session that best matches your child’s communication system, but if another time suits you better please still join in 
  • All communication systems are welcome!

Who is this course for?

This group is designed for children who use AAC to attend with the support of a parent, guardian or attendant.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will engage in shared book reading and have the opportunity to chat about the book with their peers

Participants will have the opportunity to practice communication initiation, turn-taking and movements for communication (e.g. waving hello, nodding and shaking head)

Adult participants will have the opportunity to practice modelling with child’s AAC system, by following examples modelled by speech pathologist

Group Purchase

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