PODD with Compass: Programming Like A Pro

About this course

Get confident with programming the PODD for Compass app for great conversations with access to all the words your child, client or student needs. 

This course will provide you with: 

  • An overview of the PODD with Compass app, including the types of pagesets available 
  • How to set up the PODD with Compass app
  • Backing up your pageset to a MyTobii Dynavox account 
  • Adding vocabulary to your pageset 
  • Creating pop-ups and pages 
  • Getting creative with programming to ensure you have the words available for great conversations

Who is this course for?

Suitable for parents, educators, service providers, support workers and anyone who supports someone who communicates using this app

Expected Outcomes

  • Confidence navigating the PODD with Compass app  
  • The ability to add vocabulary
  • Strategies for selecting appropriate vocabulary for great conversations   

Time required

Part 1: 15 mins

Part 2: 20 mins

Part 3: 20 mins

Part 4: 35 mins

Part 5: 15 mins